Snack Bar

Snack Bar
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02/09/2018  Snack Bar Update

Each family at registration will be charged a $15.00 family snack bar fee.  This is a minimum fee to help keep our snack bar stocked for our home meets.

We always appreciate any extra donations whether monetary or inventory.  If you would like to make any type of additional snack bar donation, please contact our Hospitality Coordinator by email with what you would like to donate.  You can also talk to Christina in person either at registration or at the pool.


Additional inventory donation suggestions:

DO NOT LEAVE IN GUARD SHACK!  Contact Christina before purchasing any additional donation.

*Big cans of nacho cheese (from Costco)
*Big bags of chips for nachos
*Bulk candy (non-melting), lollipops (tootsie pops), fruit snacks
*Bulk “boxes” of individual serving size chips (Doritos, Lays, Goldfish, Cheetos, crackers, etc.)
*Cases of water bottles
*Cans of soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite)
*Gatorade or PowerAde
*Juice boxes and/or pouches
*Napkins, paper plates, plastic utensils                         *Styrofoam bowls/plates

Items to be brought to home meets directly to the snack bar:
*Coolers full of ice for drinks (make sure your name is on the cooler for easy return)
*Food such as hot dogs, hot dog buns, ketchup, mustard, fresh fruit, etc. will vary each home meet.